Motivation Monday’s with Honest Jon the Con the Motivational Man

Maniacs and Maniacas,

Another Monday has come and motivate I will.  But let not be lazy my friends.  Sometimes, the motivation is piled up right in front of you and still can’t be seen, but it’s got to be your pile. As layers of the pile are removed, the motivation will come.  And, at the same time, your pile will be gone.  Solve the riddle my Maniacs and Maniacas.  Lack motivation you will not.  Until next Monday my Maniacs and Manaiacas.  Get off your lazy asses, be productive.  Fifty percent of the time motivation comes from within every time.

Stay Manic my Maniacs,

The O Honest One



Weedy Wednesday’s With The Weed Man


Today is Wednesday.  I was supposed to write something meaningful this morning but I got wrapped up in a backwood of some Gogi OG.  Now, it’s getting late and once again, I couldn’t let the left handed cigarette down.  So… maybe tomorrow…you know how it goes.

Keep it Clean and Keep it Green,

The Weed Man

Weedy Wednesday’s with The Weed Man

High all? If not, call your local florist and pick up one of the best left handed cigarettes you can buy.  All right,  now that were all on the same level, let’s talk Weed.

The time is coming fellow green thumbs.  It’s time to select the genetics for the upcoming season. One key factors to remember when selecting the sticky icky for your outdoor garden is to know your climate.  If you have a short, harsh growing season, a early finisher is recommended (8 week flower period).  However, if you live in a growing climate like Southern Oregon, feel free to select a strain with a longer flower cycle.  However, just keep in mind, that more times than not, your going to want your plants to be finished around the beginning of November.  Unless, you growing in a greenhouse, then you can control your climate and thus finish at any time.  Next step, decide what type of sweet sensi you’d like in your garden.  Are you a high THC cat or do you prefer high CBD, or maybe you’d like an even THC/CBD ratio.  Once an individual has decided how high they wanna get, the fun begins.  Strain selection, and many strains there are, I’ve always been satisfied with tried and true genetics from companies such as TGA, Bohdi seeds, and Dynasty Genetics.  Other factors to include are growing difficulty and yield.   I’d recommend something like Salmon River OG from Dynasty Genetics for beginners.  If your more of a novice, maybe try something like TGA’s Cheesequake or Bohdi Seeds Gogi OG.  There are endless genetics out their my friends, but beware, all genetics are not created equal.  Good genetics is the key to having great quality flowers at the end of the season.  In conclusion, find what’s right for you, talk to some locals, determine your goals and GROW!

Keep it clean and keep it Green,

The Weed Man


Motivational Monday’s with Honest Jon The Con The Motivational Man

Maniacs and Maniacos,

The O Honest One has returned and motivate he will.  I know many of you have felt a void of late, like something has been missing.  This void can be explained simply as the lack of the O Honest One in your lives.  Maniacs, If you feel especially cold this morning, worry not, it’s only 30 degrees in S.O. and the valley is covered in snow.  So, drink your coffee, smoke your Sativa’s, and get your lazy asses to wherever in the fuck your supposed to be.  Nobody wants to hear your bitching and complaining.  If you think your Monday sucks, just imagine what poor Carl went through.  So, when your feeling down and out, just remember, you didn’t have to deliver your baby sister, then kill your mother, then take care of your crybaby father, then kill yourself to save others from the guilt of stabbing a knife through your skull.  So, today, Maniacs and Maniacos, remember, before you start acting like crybabies and closet liberals, be Carl my friends, Be Carl.


Stay Manic my Maniacs and Maniacos,

Honest Jon The Con The Motivational Man

Let’s Arm Everyone

If arming the teachers is the answer to gun violence in schools, maybe we should arm the servers at Dutch Brothers, employees at The Purple Parrot, or any business that that tends to have a reputation of gun violence: movie theaters, churches, malls, and numerous other places.

If you go to Las Vegas everyone can be armed to prevent mass shootings. All the runners at marathons can be armed. You get the point.



Another Hot Item: Political Confrontations

My cousin works at a hospital, and he described an event with a man being physically escorted not of the hospital and arrested after a dispute over Fox News. Surprise liberal interlocutors, the liberal not so gentleman was the asshole arrested.

Among other things, the hospital responded to the incident by creating a new policy to keep all televisions off until they are removed. Thus creating an environment where TVs will no longer create problems between visitors, patients, and or staff.

There appears to be growing fear about the potential for political disputes and confrontations between people.


What do we think? Are these fears real or imaginary?

What reactions do we have to the hospital’s response?

Should we expect further policies to minimize such events in public places?

Sit, kneel, or stand; but never not masterdebate on serious issues!

Politically Incorrectness

Why can or can’t white men use certain words?

Are words weapons? Or are they just words? How much does context count?

Why does being a member of a certain group give people rights to words that other people shouldn’t use? Is that right?

Should we take a stand or kneel?