Arm the students, not the teachers is the solution

I think we should arm the students, it would only take 1 time to set an example, a crazy shooter goes to a high school to kill people after his first shot he has 2000 students  popping caps in his ass, just one time, thats the solution.

Politically Incorrectness

Why can or can’t white men use certain words?

Are words weapons? Or are they just words? How much does context count?

Why does being a member of a certain group give people rights to words that other people shouldn’t use? Is that right?

Should we take a stand or kneel?

BREAKING NEWS: Interlocutor’s welcome their new Grand Master

Crowds gather together to welcome their new GRAND MASTER DEBATER JIMBOSTANK. The Grand Master was unavailable for comment.   The new order is as follows

Grand Master Debater:    Jimbostank


First Place:                           Honest Jon The Con

Second Place:                      The Lost Lion

El Maestro was overheard telling Interlocutors that there was no excuse for his loss of the Grand Mastership, but he wasn’t feeling well. Before his post, El Maestro ran out of gas on his way home and was mugged by El Maestro Haters. He woke up unconscious in the ER. While being moved to surgery, he fell off the gurney, rolled down the stairs, got arrested for trespassing, and was taken to detox. Being drugged and confused, it was not one of El Maestro’s best debates.

Two new non profit organizations

The Interlocutor’s Forun is proud to announce the opening of two new non profit organizations. The Interlocutor’s Forum to Educate Children on How to Protect our Planet, covering topics like global warming,  fracking and Keystone Pipeline, littering and many other topics.  [no republicans or democrates were hurt during this announcement]. And let’s not to forget to include The New Interlocutor’s School for Kidz Who Can’t Spell Good.


Congratulations to Honest John the Con for accepting the offer of joining THE INTERLOCUTORS FORUM Board of Directors. Honest John the Con has over 14 years of college and to many certification to mention, and because he has mastered the art of negotiation and communication, HONEST JOHN THE CON is the new Treasurer of The Interlocutor’s Forun.  EL Maestrow